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Engagement Myths: What She Really Wants

Whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not, everything about marriage proposal is a huge deal for your girl. Fact. This is the moment she’s been dreaming of since she was a little princess, whether she admits it or not. It’s a moment both of you will remember for the rest of your lives, a moment that you will get asked about, a lot (“so.. how did he propose??”) and that’s why you want it to be everything she imagined, and then some.

Now you’re probably thinking big. You’re thinking 1000 roses and a white horse, or maybe popping the question on a huge billboard, or writing a special song and getting her favorite singer to sing it… okay, stop right there. Someone’s been watching too many chick-flicks. None of these over-the-top cliches are what a dreamy heartfelt proposal is made of.

There might be some women who won’t freak out when entering a room stuffed with 1000 roses and 2000 candles (fire hazard anybody?) but to be on the safe side (pun intended) you better think Timeless & Romantic for these reasons:

Her Feelings vs. The Story

As much as it sounds great to create an exciting story to tell everyone, about how you pulled it on stage during a concert, on kiss-cam during a sports game, or how you got a plane to skywrite “will you marry me”, the story is not what’s important. Repeating, it is NOT. What’s most important in your proposal is your girl’s feelings.

She wants Romance, she wants to fall in love with you all over again and get so emotional and choked up while you’re asking her to be your wife, and this is very simple to pull without all the unnecessary, or even undesired bells and whistles.

Her real Fantasy vs. real-life “Success” Stories

Okay, let’s get a secret out: a woman who got an over-the-top or unique proposal, like getting asked in a random place like the grocery store (surprising? yes. romantic? not so much) or finding the ring inside a cake (surprising? yes. cheesy? very. pun? intended) will NEVER tell anyone how lame she thought it was or how disappointed she got.

Maybe, someday, she will write an anonymous post about it.. but out of respect for her man, and appreciation for the thought and effort he put into the proposal, she will never admit it was not at all what she imagined this big moment would look like.

She might even convince herself that it’s not a big deal and what really matters is the fact that he did propose and that they are getting married (well, it’s kind of true) but it is so easy to create her special moment the way she really wants it, so there’s no need to get carried away with real life “exciting” or “unique” ideas.


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