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How To Pick A Foolproof Romantic Gift For Her

Sometimes picking the right romantic gift for your girl can be tricky and can turn a nice gesture into a real awkward mess… Examples for such cases:

  • A new woman in your life that you still don’t know enough about and you’re not sure about her style and preferences
  • A woman who’s got it all and you just can’t think of something she doesn’t have
  • When you don’t know her sizes, in case of fitted clothing and some kinds of jewelry, and prefer not to ask or secretly find out yourself

In such cases these are potential risks you’d want to avoid:

  • Fitting issues: Any gift that requires fitting and sizes such as rings and fitted lingerie
  • Fragrance issues: From certain allergies to just personal preference, avoid perfumes and lotions
  • Cheap metals: Some women are physically allergic to not-so-fine metals that contain nickel
  • Style issues: Anything that is too trendy or a matter of personal style
  • Misunderstanding: If she is not already your wife, and unless you’re proposing – ring is NOT a good idea, for obvious reasons

For a risk free gift, opt for Size-Free, Unscented and Timeless:

  • Jewelry: Necklaces, earrings or bracelets, made of yellow gold (18k is the safest), stainless steel or platinum hypoallergenic metals, with or without classic pearls, diamonds or gemstones. If she’s regularly wearing jewelry note the metal and style she’s wearing, but if not, perhaps it’s better to avoid jewelry at this point.
  • Lingerie: Loose lingerie robes which have general S/M/L/XL sizes, or even better a one-size-fits-all.
  • Flowers: Flowers, and especially the iconic and hypoallergenic red roses, are usually perfect for any woman and for any occasion, as long as you’re not overdoing it.


Need some real shopping ideas? These (kind of) size-free, unscented & timeless gifts are our favorites:


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