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Engagement 101: How To Pull A Foolproof Proposal

So you’ve already decided to go for a timeless & romantic proposal, but still not sure exactly what it means? what to do? where to start? Here is your guide to the perfect foolproof proposal which has 4 important parts:

The romantic part: The Setting

The setting is anything that sets the romantic vibe and the first thing she sees: the breathtaking view from the viewpoint, the gorgeous city lights view or the luxurious design in the restaurant, the amazing skyline or waterfront view from the park, the beautiful roses and candles next to the champagne bottle in the hotel room…

The “Wow” effect: Check.

The fun part: The Good-time

The great day or night you’re having together: the amazing food and conversation at the restaurant, the fun hangout and picnic in the park, the great concert you were at before returning to the hotel…

“Best Day Ever” effect: Check.

The emotional part: The Speech

Your most genuine heart-melting speech that will take her breath away while she realizes “This is The Moment”:

  • Physical and eye contact: take her hand(s) and look into her eyes…
  • Compliments: tell her how beautiful and special and…(anything amazing you feel about her)… she is
  • Love: and how much you love her…
  • AND: how you can’t see a future without her in it (wait for it, wait for it… here come the tears)

“Speechless” effect: Check.

The best part: The Ring

  • Pause, take the box out of your pocket…
  • You can get down on one knee if it feels right (not a must, though)
  • Open the box, hold it open facing her and look into her eyes:
  • “Will you marry me?”

“A proposal win of all times” effect: Check.


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Olivia Gigs

Olivia Gigs

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