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Popping The Question: 10 Romantic Setting Ideas

Choosing the location for your big moment depends on the desired time of day, your budget, and on personal style. There’s one consensus though: it MUST be romantic.

What makes an outdoor location romantic is mostly external factors like beautiful greenery, a peaceful body of water, a breathtaking view, sunshine, sunset, warm breeze, etc.
An indoor location turns romantic with the right design and accessories like the luxurious elements at the hotel room or restaurant, candles and flowers (which is also what makes indoor locations more challenging to control the surprise timing).

Here are 10 romantic and very affordable setting ideas and inspirations for your perfect proposal:


A natural, or not so natural “Garden of Eden” is a green and peaceful setting for a romantic day out, for creating beautiful memories and for taking beautiful photos. Top the traditional bouquet with 10 bushes of flowers.

Best time: Daylight.
Best tip: Upgrade any location with a viewpoint and/or a body of water.

  • Public garden – A Japanese Garden, tropical, or just any botanical garden, with flowers, birds and trails can be magical for a noon time stroll on a sunny day.
  • Public park – Your favorite city park with the wide green lawns can be perfect for a romantic picnic: fruits, sandwiches, wine & a ring.
  • Hiking trail – If your girl is more into wild nature, hiking also offers the strolling, the picnic, and that perfect viewpoint with a dreamy blue lake or snowy mountains.


That high place when you go “Whhoaaa…” once you see the view is the perfect romantic setting for your big moment.

Best time: Any time.
Best tip: All kinds of scenery are perfect during daylight till sunset, while city lights view is perfect from sunset till sunrise.


Any peaceful blue lake or tropical turquoise ocean is a great romantic choice for a day out, and will look picture-perfect in your “we’re engaged!” photos.

Best time: Daylight till sunset.
Best tip: Waterfront + Sunset = Everything.

  • Beach restaurant – The light breeze, the palm trees, island music and tropical cocktails.. enjoy a romantic day at the beach and hold your big question till sunset.
  • Waterfront park – How about an ice cream, a romantic walk along the pier and a Ferris Wheel ride proposal?


Candlelight gives any room a soft and romantic feel, along with flowers and full toasting glasses they make the perfect night setting.

Best time: Night.
Best tip: If you opt for a DIY setting: don’t overdo it. A setting of one impressive bouquet and about 10-20 lit candles is perfectly enough. Also, unlike an outdoor setting, entering a room filled with roses, candles and champagne is a huge spoiler for what’s coming next so make sure it is the last stop in your plan.

  • High-end restaurant – Make it a luxurious date night at the best restaurant in town with pre-reserved best table in the house. Dress to impress, enjoy an amazing dinner, raise a glass.. and save the best for last.
  • Hotel room – A DIY proposal, where you are responsible for arranging the candles, flowers & champagne beforehand. Alternatively, you can ask the hotel staff or a friend to arrange those for you.
  • At home – At the privacy of your own deck, yard, living room or bedroom. Here too, don’t forget to BYOA (bring your own accessories) or just email this post to a female friend who will make sure to get everything ready for you, while you focus on relaxing and rehearse your lines…


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