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Romance & Attraction Myths Men Actually Think Are True

Myth #1: Being romantic means buying Teddy Bears and chocolate

That’s as romantic as treating your sexy lady like an 8yo “Hello Kitty” fan… Who’s your daddy??

Next Valentine’s Day, try to resist anything that looks like Kitty’s pink puke of marshmallows and go directly to the section where you won’t be buying gifts for your underage nieces.

Pick the “To the most beautiful woman I know” or the “You’re a Goddess. Be mine forever!” or the “Helll-lllo, sexy kitty…”.

Myth #2: A guy doesn’t have to be the one who pursues the girl… it’s 2015!

That’s BS that I’m-a-loser-who-wants-to-get-laid-with-no-effort says to I’m-a-strong-independent-blahblah-and-terribly-insecure-twentysomething. Even in 3512 it won’t be true.

There is absolutely no sense in a girl pursuing a guy… it creates bad dynamic and a conflict on a very primal level. Men are hunters. It’s in their DNA. They need the chase to be able to really appreciate and value a woman, even if they’re not fully aware of it.

If a guy is physically attracted to a girl he’s already turned on and ready for action, so if she wants just sex she will most likely get it, but if she wants more than that it will probably do the opposite effect.

However, there’s a difference between a smart girl who makes it easier for him to pursue her, and a clueless girl who does all the work for him so he doesn’t need to sweat.

Myth #3: Guys who care about looks and girls who care about money are superficial

That’s actually how attraction works so it’s time to let go of ideas that men who are turned on by boobs/butts/lips and women who are turned on by money/titles/connections are “superficial”. Blame it on biology. It’s just men being men and women being women… and that’s the way we like it.

Myth #4: If a guy looks really hot he can date any girl he wants

For obvious reasons, men tend to assume that women respond to physical appearance the same as they do (which is dead wrong) and overestimate the impact a man’s looks has on women’s attraction.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important that a man takes care of himself and looks fit, healthy and well put together, but a real high value woman never gets distracted by a magazine-type eye candy.

If anything, a guy who gives his looks too much attention comes across as immature who doesn’t have much to offer to real women and relies on his looks like a girl… You got it all wrong, pretty boy. Put that shirt back on.

Nothing is sexier than an effortlessly good looking guy, who knows he’s hot but focuses on those other things that make him a real, high status man. Nothing!


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Olivia Gigs

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