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7 Myths About Women & Money You Need To Rethink

Myth #1: Women are attracted to money

Kinda true, but it’s basically like saying that “men are attracted to boobs”. Duh!
Yes, boobs are a hot feature, but it’s just a very, very hot feature of that person attached to them… They can turn you on, but they’re not enough on their own. Right? (I know, it’s boobs, but we’re talking long term dating… stay focused).

A man’s wealth is a very attractive feature of that man, but it’s not enough on its own. If a man doesn’t pursue his girl at all, or enough as he should, or if he treats her poorly – his money isn’t worth much (at least to her). Money just gives you an advantage over most financially challenged men, but at the end of the day it’s how you treat her that counts.

Myth #2: If you’re rich you can date any woman you want

Theoretically true. Similar to previous myth, it’s the same as saying that “supermodels can date any man they want”.

Yes, theoretically they can, but if they appear to be intellectually challenged, high maintenance, etc… for most men, looking hot by itself is not enough to keep dating. So if you’re rich AND you know how to treat a lady – THEN you’re officially the king of the world and can virtually date any woman you want.

Myth #3: If you’re rich, it doesn’t matter how you look

Partially true. Roughly, if for men looks weighs 80% of the overall attraction, for women it’s probably 20%. Good news, you guys! It matters, but it’s very different than what you think.

Yes, that may explain the hot looking girls who are dating the short and bald rich guys you sometimes see together. You see such couple and you hate that lucky bastard so much and wonder how the hell he did it. “She’s with him because of his money or because he’s a magician in bed…”, right? I know what you think.

But if you’re reading this post from the beginning, you already know that the real reason this hot girl is dating that rich guy is not directly because of his money (or his magic wand), but because he treats her like a freakin’ GODDESS and makes her feel that she’s the best thing that ever happened to him (which is probably true) every. freakin’. day.

However, it’s not that his looks is completely irrelevant. He wears nice outfits, looking sharp, fit and healthy… and that million dollar smile (literally!). So he’s not 6ft tall with a head full of hair, but he’s not really a troll or an overweight slob either. He’s just a very average looking man who takes a good care of himself and knows how to treat his lady.

Myth #4: If you’re not rich, women won’t be interested in you

Not true. The only really challenging case is if you can’t even afford to date, which is equivalent to a girl who is very challenged in the looks department…

It’s not that she can’t ever date, but she will probably lower her standards, and she should do whatever it takes to improve her looks to become her better attractive self, doing beauty and fitness routines, fashion makeover, etc.

Similarly, a guy doesn’t have to be a millionaire to be attractive for women, but he should at least afford to pay for dates and be financially independent (having a car and living on his own).

If you’re not quite there yet, like the girl who keeps improving, do whatever it takes to get there and meanwhile – fake it till you make it. It doesn’t mean that you should lie about anything, just never let it impact your self confidence. It’s a work in progress and you will get there… There are many women who are far from looking like supermodels and still appear confident which makes them attractive, right? So you get the idea.

Myth #5: A good woman will offer to pay for her share on a date

No. Just NO. When a girl offers to pay on a date, it has nothing to do with how “good” or “serious” or “independent” she is, but it has a lot to do with her self respect, maturity and life experience (Pssst: age is not just a number).

A woman should not pay anything on a date and you should never expect her to.
If you want to be the man on the date you better act like one. YOU are pursuing her, that’s how romantic attraction works regardless of how strong or independent or [shit-feminists-and-douchebags-say] she is… it’s a romantic date. It’s not a business lunch or two friends hanging out… unless you want it to feel this way.

Free your mind from such self-destructing ideas that a woman should chip in or offer to, right now. Let. It. Go.

If she will sense such expectations from you, the more she values and respect herself, the more turned off she’ll get. And forget about asking her to add the tip either… It’s not that she’s not expected to show her appreciation to you while dating, it’s just that money is not a part of it.

If anything, when a woman offers to pay she’s letting you know that she’s not interested in dating you. Game over.

Myth #6: If you pay for the dates you should get sex

So effing not true (unless of course you just conveniently call it “dating”).
When you pursue a woman, paying for the dates is a part of it, and you do it with pleasure like a perfect gentleman because, um, yeah, that’s what you are.

So, what do you get out of it? Her time, her attention, a chance to win her heart and make her want you. Sex is not a part of this equation. Sex is what you get if she wants to do it with you, regardless of your “investment”. If she’s not turned on yet, or enough, it will not happen, and it doesn’t matter for how long or how much you’ve been paying for dates.

If you play your cards right, when the time comes you will get everything. The higher a woman values herself, the higher you value her and know she’s worth the effort and the chase, but if you focus on just getting laid you better shoot for an easy target…

Myth #7: Women use men for free meals

Um, some might, especially those you picked up from the street who looked really hungry… but if that’s not the case, and assuming you have some standards and you don’t take just anybody out – do you really have such low self esteem to think that the only reason a woman wants to go out with you is free dinner? what does it say about you?

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