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The 7 Popular Engagement Styles You Should Avoid

Getting engaged is kind of a big deal for every girl (yes, even for those who say it’s not) and a lame proposal can hunt your marriage for life.

Fast forward 10 years: you’re at a dinner party and you, once again, overhear your sweetie telling the story about ‘how she broke her tooth when she started eating that Big Mac with a greasy diamond ring in it’…

So this is your chance to undo a future mistake. These 7 anti-romantic proposal styles are very popular for some reason, but really shouldn’t:

The ‘wrong place’ proposal

In the cab, in the grocery store, in the bathroom, while throwing out the garbage, in McDonald’s, in a trashy motel or any universally anti-romantic place. That’s not the idea of making it a surprise… it’s not cute and it’s not even original.

The ‘wrong time’ proposal

In the morning when she’s barely conscious, in her pj’s, with morning breath… or when intoxicated, hungover or under the weather. This is also not the idea of a surprise proposal.

She wants to be fully present in this special moment, to feel and remember every second of it and to look gorgeous when she officially becomes your forever princess. It is a huge moment for her, even if she denies it… don’t underestimate it.

The Public proposal

In front of strangers, in a baseball game, at the office in front of co-workers… it’s not a reality show and it’s not supposed to be entertaining. It’s your private, intimate moment.

You can enjoy a sports game earlier in the day before the big moment or plan to have family and friends over for a surprise engagement party after the actual proposal. Take that special moment, and few more moments after it, to get excited and emotional together… only the two of you.

The Staged proposal

The theatrical, scripted, over-dramatic kind that looks and feels more like a reality TV episode than a genuine real life moment: reading something you didn’t write yourself or that you wouldn’t naturally say from your heart, pre-recording a video or directing a silly flash mob… No, No, No, No, No. Just No.

Again, this is not meant to be entertaining, funny or original. It’s supposed to be a raw emotional moment for the both of you. Keep it real.

The Over-the-top proposal

In this genre: 12 monkeys, 100 white doves, 500 candles, 1000 flowers, skydiving, scuba-diving, rock-climbing, bungee-jumping, horseback-riding, cougars-hunting, fierworks, billboards, kiss-cams, skywriting, proposing on the Ellen Show or at a Beyoncé concert. By Beyoncé.

Anything that sounds too much, too crazy, too scary, too dangerous, too dirty, too wet, too loud, too cheesy, too Kardashian should not be included in your proposal plan.

Make this proposal about HER. Plan it to make her feel “the luckiest girl in the world”, save death by wildlife adventure for a different time.

The “Adorable” proposal

Treasure hunts, teddy bears, ponies, kitties, marshmallows… Although your princess has been dreaming about this moment since she was 4, she’s all grown up now, she doesn’t really want a juvenile Hello Kitty themed engagement. The most “Disney” you should go is a real Disneyland vacation proposal!

The “Original” proposal

Letting a toddler or a dog carry the ring, hiding it between a rose’s petals, in a champagne glass or inside a cake for her to find it…  Not cute, not original and not romantic. The sparkly, pretty, clean(!), expensive(!!) ring should be safely kept in its box, in your pocket, until you open it in front of her at the right moment


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