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The First Rule Of Romance: Happy Wife Happy Life

“Happy wife (or girlfriend or fiancé) happy life” is the essence of romance. It’s totally true, it really works, and this is why: when all your girl’s needs are met, she feels satisfied, relaxed and happily willing to take care of your needs. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

Happy men in happy relationships already know that saying things like “whatever you want, my love” or “you are right, honey” is a key to their own happiness…

Start practicing these 3 things in your relationship and start seeing a happier girl and a happier you:

Give her attention (Read: how to get more freedom)

When she gets the attention she needs – she will give you the freedom you need.

Remember this: Attention is almost always measured by quality, not by quantity. One hour of intimate conversation will never be equal to 5 hours of running errands together.

This one hour of 100% bonding will echo in her heart more than 4 hours later, while she can crave more attention from you the whole 5 hours you shared the same physical space together, without really connecting. She will choose to get more of you for less time over less of you for more time, every time.

When she gets that one-on-one romantic getaway with you that creates happy moments and new memories as a couple, she will gladly support your golf or Vegas getaway with your buddies. Win!

Tip: It shouldn’t take you a lot of time to make her happy, just really focus on her during the time that you are with her. This will get you more time for yourself later, while your girl is telling everyone what an amazing man you are.

Make her feel secure (Read: how to get more space)

When she gets the sense of security from you – she will give you the space you need.

Although the ultimate gesture in this department comes in a form of a sparkly ring and you might be way ahead or way past your “I do’s”, you can still give her this secure feeling in other ways.

Remember this: An anxious wife is not a happy wife, and the anxiety she might feel when she doesn’t feel secure in the relationship is the enemy of all spaces and the mother of all relationships’ death spirals… be proactive and defuse it.

This is really important when you’re having a fight, and she really needs to feel that it’s just another fight and no matter how bad it is, that the two of you are okay. That she can still count on you and the relationship to be there tomorrow (for real!) and that you will get through this together, no matter how mad you are right now. This way she will easily give you the time and space you need to deal with the tension your way.

On just a regular day when everything’s cool, every once in a while, remind her how secure she is with you. Dropping the “L” bomb or a similar statement to make her hear how you feel about her or how much she means to you will do the trick. Maybe she already knows it, maybe she doesn’t, but did you know that it’s basically an “I want you right here, right now”, in “female”?

With no special reason, not because you had a fight or because it’s a special day or because you feel guilty about something… just because it’s how you feel and you want her to feel amazing.

Warning: There is a side effect to making her feel this way so you better be prepared… If you do it right, like hugging her from behind while whispering how much you love her or how amazing she is in her ear, she might feel so turned on as a result that instead of more space you might get more sex.

Tip:  Make this move during the day to get her in the mood for your nighttime plans… make her wait for it. Foreplay!

Make her feel sexy (Read: how to get more sex)

When you make her feel like the hottest woman in the room, wherever you are – she will make you feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Remember this: If you treat her like a goddess, she will become that goddess.

Yes, that easy! if you want her to feel and act like the sex kitten you want her to be, remind her how sexy she is, how much you want her, what she does to you… that no one else does… Sexy lingerie and romantic getaways? that’s what they’re made for.

Tip: Instant, easiest ever, extra credit you can earn – doing it when there’s an incredibly hot woman in the room that easily gets men’s attention and women to feel self cautious. The classic case when a little PDA goes a long way.


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