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“VDAY Every Day” Done Right

Like most things in the world, even too much romance can backfire… Overdosing on a great thing, like bringing her flowers and a card and balloons AND a gift for just an ordinary “Happy Tuesday” can be overwhelming and create the opposite reaction (she might even suspect you’re trying to make up for something…).

Similarly, enjoying the same great thing too often, like coming home with flowers every single day, can increase her expectations over time and lead to lack of appreciation, and we don’t want that to happen…

Here is the guide to a perfect “VDAY Every Day” without overdoing it:

Romantic things to do Every Day

  • Love Notes: On a post-it, hidden in her pocket, on the mirror, in a whatsapp message… spice it up with different texts, ways and places each day.
  • Compliments: “You’re amazing”, you’re so beautiful”,”you’re so sexy”, “you’re the best cook”… only genuine ones that you feel in the moment, and every now and then, when it feels right – add the big “I Love You”.
  • Physical Affection: A hug, a sweet kiss, a hot kiss, a naughty spank, some PDA… both warm and playful gestures keep the spark going and may even start a fire…

While a normal daily dose of affection like a hug and a kiss is pretty much a must in a relationship, use compliments and love notes sporadically, and not on the same day.

Every few days when she’s not expecting it, take her breath away with a heartfelt note or a heart melting compliment and score extra credit.

Romantic things to do Once a Week

  • Flowers: While the classic red roses are the ultimate romantic statement, they should be kept for special occasions. Go for the more casual types, like daisies or tulips, in your weekly bouquet. If you know her favorite flower type it’s a no-brainer, but you can spice it up with different arrangement style each time.
  • Breakfast/Brunch: On the beach, in the park, in a trendy cafe or in bed, at least one day a week start the day like you’re on a romantic vacation.
  • Date Night: A must for the busy couple. Taking a break from the other roles each of you are playing in the weekly routine (as employees, parents, etc) and restoring back to Romance mode and to being lovers, a romantic couple. How about a dinner and a movie?

Here too, you can do a brunch one week and a date night on the following week, and choose different days, delivery methods and arrangements for the flowers. The idea is sweeping her off her feet consistently, but unexpectedly.

Romantic things to do Once a Month

  • A Gift: A nice piece of jewelry or a hot piece of lingerie are the classic gift ideas, as long as you know her style and sizes. If you’re not sure, check out our Gifting Guide.
  • A Getaway: At least a day trip if not for the whole weekend… a wine tasting trip, hiking, camping, a ski resort with a spa, a beach house with breathtaking ocean view… whatever fits your style and budget (we’ve got coupons!), celebrate your relationship once a month with a mini Honeymoon and create new memories.

Choose either a gift or a getaway on just a regular month when you’re not celebrating a special day, and of course, choose different day of the month each time.

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