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What Makes Or Breaks First Impression On First Date

Whether it’s business or pleasure, first impression is always critical when meeting a person for the first time. On a first romantic date there are 5 things that can seriously upgrade that first impression you make, or do the exact opposite.
The good news: Those 5 things are very easy to improve so this can really work for anyone.

Typically, this is also the order of the things your date will notice:

Your posture

If you came to pick her up (of course you did) you probably stepped out of the car and waited for her outside and not inside with the engine running (because you’re a gentleman, that’s why). Your posture while standing there waiting for her is the first thing she will see even before seeing your face… If you feel too nervous and you let your posture sag, that makes your overall appearance very unattractive.

Standing up straight will make you look taller and feel more confident and the more confident you appear, the more attractive you’ll become in her eyes.

It’s not just the inner state that impacts your body language, it also works the other way around – a confident appearance can actually boost your inner confidence, so learning how to position your upper body in a more attractive and healthy way is a good idea if you usually tend to slouch.

Tip: Instead of trying to control your nerves while standing and waiting, open the door of the passenger seat and casually wait for her seated with the door open while playing with your iPhone (or just pretending to)… This way you can stand up only when she arrives and at the same time you’ll already be standing next to the open door and can casually close the door for her once she’s seated, without making a big deal out of it. Win!

Your outfit

You can probably get away almost always with a casual button-down shirt and a good pair of jeans. It’s a nice casual look that works for both daytime and nighttime and it looks put together and effortless at the same time. Alternatively, a polo shirt or a sweater also work, and a nice watch will add the perfect touch for a polished look.

Wearing a “whatever” outfit, like a sloppy t-shirt and an old looking jeans, will make your date feel like you didn’t make an effort to impress her.
On the other hand, looking overdressed is not a cute look either. From looking like you put too much effort to having reality check issues… it’s not the impression you want to make. A good balance is very important (always, in everything! Good balance is my religion but that’s a whole different subject).

Of course, if you’re not planning a regular dinner date there are some obvious exceptions.
If your plan includes a dress code like going to the Opera, or if you plan a brunch at the beach, you should be dressed appropriately, and make sure your date is aware of the dress code too… You don’t want her to feel uncomfortable being over or under dressed.

Your first interaction

Assuming you already recognize each other and already talked on the phone at least once before the date – avoid formal introductions that will make you feel like strangers all over again and will make things awkward, like: “Hi, I’m Rob. Nice to meet you.” and shake her hand. Especially if you hit it off on the phone, a formal “nice to meet you” is like taking a step backward.

Instead, an excited “great to finally see you” and a friendly hug, followed by a flirty compliment like: “you look amazing…” or “you look way better in person…” or any compliment on her dress/hair/smile/smell (anything genuine that you actually feel at the moment) will:

  • make her feel great about herself
  • make you score some major points for being a gentleman
  • create good sexual energy
  • make you both feel a bit closer, rather than formal and awkward

And she might even compliment you back! Now that’s a good start.

Your smell

When you hug each other for the first time, she will smell you, whether she plans to or not. If you don’t wear any cologne just make sure there’s no BO. Taking a shower and wearing a clean shirt is pretty basic, right? However, the secret to becoming way, I mean wayyy more attractive in one sniff is wearing the right cologne.

What is the right cologne? I can’t really answer that… There are some very popular, classic or trendy scents that you can try and see what fits best your personality and body chemistry, usually by getting a feedback from friends and family, then start wearing it regularly and see the reaction of strangers.

But I can tell you what the right cologne does: A guy who smells good is pure hotness.
If you and your cologne are the right match, be prepared for lots of sniffing and getting more female attention than the usual… Seriously, it’s THAT hot.

Disclaimer: The cases when wearing cologne can backfire:

  • if you wear too much of it that it becomes anything from distracting to unbearable
  • if your date is allergic to fragrances (if she is, it’s her responsibility to let you know in advance)
  • if you mysteriously picked that one specific cologne her ex boyfriend used to wear,
  • or her dad…

Your breath

Ewww. Bad breath is such a turn off. Your breath doesn’t have to smell like a peppermint garden as long as it just doesn’t smell funny, cause if it does she’ll notice (and will start looking for an “exit” sign).

Again, it’s a little basic: remember to brush your teeth and floss before your date.
Using mouthwash never hurts… and of course, avoid consuming any onion, garlic and the like before and during the date.

Always carry enough minty chowing gum or candy with you so you can offer your date too later on (usually after eating). If you’re not sure whether you have bad breath or not, ask for the opinion of someone you trust… and if it seems to be an on going issue you better take care of the source of it cause nasty breath is a real dating killer.


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