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Women’s Real Issue With Good Guys (And Bad Boys)

For years we’ve been searching the answer to this question: Do women really want a good guy or a bad boy? and the shocking answer is Both! Or neither…
The explanation actually makes a lot of sense.

What is a “Good Guy” anyway?
A good guy or a “nice guy” is usually someone who is really kind and sweet, who treats women with respect, who’s got good manners. He’s always willing to help, to do nice gestures, to go out of his way to make a woman happy and be there for her. He’s sensitive, attentive, reliable, safe… a good guy makes a woman feel like a lady.

So who is a “Bad Boy”?
A bad boy is passionate, fun, spontaneous, unexpected… he knows how to make a girl feel special and sexy, showers her with compliments, he is touchy-feely, a great kisser and when it comes to sex he promises… and delivers! He rocks her world, makes her hormones flow and makes her feel like an attractive woman.

It’s pretty obvious to see how great each of them is, but it’s also pretty clear what each of them is missing… the other. Why should a girl choose between feeling like a lady and feeling like an attractive woman?

The good guy is basically a Friend while the bad boy is a Lover, and they’re both required in a good romantic relationship.
A woman wants a partner that will make her feel safe and secure, but at the same time sexy and sexually satisfied. A woman wants a partner that will respect her and listen to her, but also someone she can have fun with and do exciting things with!

That’s the real issue with both types, that even many women don’t realize – one lacks the other. A good guy usually doesn’t make a woman feel sexy and desirable, he doesn’t trigger her attraction and that’s why he tends to remain “best friend forever” that she can’t see herself with. The “Lover” never shows up.

A bad boy is many things but safe and reliable… he triggers strong attraction but brings lots of heartache and disappointment when he appears to be unavailable physically or emotionally. The “Friend” never shows up… He is “best sex ever” or a strong hormonal addiction that throws a girl out of balance, basically makes her an addict.

So it’s time to break an infamous myth:

Women are NOT attracted to bad boys because they’re “Bad” or reject good guys because they’re “Good”.

This is bullshit.

Bad boys just trigger women’s attraction while good guys don’t. That’s all. The reason women “prefer” bad boys is that every romantic relationship starts with strong physical attraction. Even the kind that started as a friendship will turn romantic once sexual tension is present.

Mystery solved. To really get a girl AND make her happy, you need to be half “good guy” and half “bad boy”, both a lover and a friend, make her feel like a lady AND like an attractive woman.


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