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Your Guide To A Perfect First Date Kiss

A romantic first date. She’s everything. You’re nervous as hell…
You want to impress her, be the perfect gentleman, make all the right moves at the right time and end the night with a mind blowing kiss, but what is the right time? what is a wrong move? how will you know if she even wants you to kiss her?

With these tips you can start forgetting all about awkward moments and say hello to perfect first dates:

Create physical contact gradually

A kiss should never be the first physical contact with your date, and if it is, most chances she will be very surprised, and not in a good way.
The right way to build physical intimacy is to check her reaction to a non-sexual touch first, and make sure she’s comfortable with it. Here are some ideas:

  • Touching her shoulder when entering or leaving a place.
  • Holding her hand while crossing the street.
  • Holding her hand(s) during a conversation – while sitting across from each other and looking at each other’s eyes, this one is more intimate. You can playfully ask few seconds later if it’s okay that you’re doing that… if she feels comfortable with you holding her hands, she will probably smile or even laugh at your question. A little icebreaker…

The more comfortable she seems with your romantic foreplay moves the more likely she’s expecting you to kiss her.

Select the perfect timing

Most first date kisses happen at the very end of the date, usually while sitting in the car.
That’s actually not the best place and time… the distance between the seats and the seat belts make the whole thing uncomfortable, it can feel rushed if one of you is in a hurry to end the date, there could be privacy interruptions where the car stopped, and to top all that… it can just get, um, awkward… like:

  • when you’re going for a kiss while your date is totally not expecting it.
  • when your date is expecting a kiss while you know it’s not going to happen, but she’s still there, waiting…
  • when you’re both going for a good night hug followed by a good night kiss, but one of you is thinking more like a peck on the cheek, while the other is going for the lips. Awkward…

For all those reasons, if a romantic kiss is in your immediate future, it better happen before getting in the car. Most chances are that no one’s in a hurry yet, you can be more creative with choosing a private location, and you’re both standing up and can face each other comfortably.

Create the perfect moment

When you feel the timing is right, use the opportunity to tell her that you had a great time and that you’d love to see her again. At this point you should face each other, look into her eyes and wait for her response. If she feels the same – a moment has been created. You may kiss your date… Needless to say that if she’s not on the same page – abort mission.

Other great options for a pre-kiss moment:

  • A hug – probably the best and most natural way to create an intimate, nonthreatening contact. Of course it should never happen out of the blue so you will need a good reason.
    If during the date she shared an emotional story, you can go for: “by the way, I really wanted to hug you when you told me that story earlier.. can I?”. You better feel and act very genuine about it or she might suspect your intentions.
  • Compliment her perfume – “you smell great, by the way… I think it’s your hair” while getting closer to her hair and neck. Make sure she’s comfortable with this move. If she is, you can start sniffing her and share your “observations”…

After the initial hug, or sniff, when you’re cheeks are touching, you may slowly turn your head toward her lips. Notice her body language and make sure she’s okay with what’s happening.

and… Action!

The same as you gradually checked her reaction to your touch, that’s how you should approach the kiss: always start soft and slow and never use your tongue right away, it’s too invasive.

A kiss can be friendly, romantic, sensual or sexual… on a romantic first date, keep it somewhere between romantic and sensual. It means that your hands shouldn’t go anywhere beyond her head, back or arms, and that the kiss shouldn’t get too steamy (no tongue wrestling…).
Focus on the kiss, on getting to know each other on a new level and checking your sensual chemistry.

Kissing tip: an ultimate, mind blowing, romantic kiss should always be slow, soft and wet.
Nothing is worse than a dry mouth, tight lips, hard poking tongue or sudden moves… (nothing!).


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How To Make A First Date Romantic

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